Visit Mumbai’s Hidden Heart-Dharavi Slum Tour

You must be aware that Dharavi is one of the biggest slums in the entire world. But there is a lot more to it. Dharavi slum is home to a number of small-scale industries where people work with infinite enthusiasm and zeal. Dharavi constitutes a significant portion of the cosmopolitan Mumbai.



Started as a fishermen’s settlement at the then outskirts of Bombay (now Mumbai), it expanded gradually and now houses residential as well as business production units and factories.There are a number of industries here like foods industry, plastic industry, consumer durable items are manufactured here,

and even the bigger branded items are supplied from the slum corner of the famous Dharavi.




Once you come in for the Mumbai City Tour, there are several facts you will come to know about Dharavi. The place is home to over a million inhabitants in Dharavi and the annual turnover of all the industries held together in the vibrant Dharavi is approximately US $ 665 million.



The walking Slum Tour In Mumbai takes you around industrial units of Dharavi, it's an educational tour that will enrich you with different visitors experiences. There is a wide number of Small Businesses here like a leather Wallet Making, Recycling, Leather Market, Leather Shoes Making, bakery, pottery, recycling units, soap making factories, Papad making and much more.



Whenever you visit Mumbai, you must take a Dharavi slum tour by transport or by walk, to have a nuanced understanding of the life of the people living in slums as well as have an inspiration for yourself. Dharavi Slum Tourism is available with walking and car tours, people can opt for whichever is convenient.



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There are many slum areas in the world but the Biggest Slum of Asia is here in Mumbai called Dharavi.

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